How to care for potted plants? - My advice

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How to care for potted plants? - My advice
They need more land and often
larger container. Earth is losing
mellowness, changing its pH,
some components begins
missing, the other is excess.
Accumulate in the sediments
left by used to
irrigation water and fertilizer. Sometimes
land can overgrow with moss, which
hinders the access of oxygen to the roots.
Moving to a new pot
is necessary also because of
on expanding proportion
to wrostu aboveground part,
roots. They may roll on
the bottom of the pot, leave it
top, pushing down or bottom
through the exhaust vent. To
ensure harmonious plants
growth and meet the demand
for nutrients, they should be
exaggerate on average every 2-3 years.

When I overreacting?
Longer and warmer days stimulate
plants for intensive growth.
That's why April is the best
time to transfer them to
new pots and exchange of land.
Never attempt to
surgery at rest or

Type of land
Usually we buy ready
odkwaszonego mixture consisting of
peat, sand and soil. However, it is
note, for which the plant
are designed so. mix
universal, as against their
name is not suitable for all

Transplanted step by step
A few hours before surgery
plant should be watered abundantly. To
remove it from the previous pot,
we turn it upside down,
hand holding the substrate
grab the stem and unscrew the
pot with root balls.
If the lump does not want to eject,
better to break the pot, than the damage
root system. If you remove
of pot notice in
przesadzanej plants damaged
or szczerniaBe roots, they should be
cut off. Strongly entangled, however,
Gently loosen the blunt
ended with a stick.
Subject the plant
we put in the new
vessel. It should be remembered, however, for
that it should not be more
delve into the new pot than
took place in the old. When
placing the plant in the container,
backfilled and the ground around it
gently kneading. If you require
support, sticks her already at
planting, while taking care to
not to damage the roots.

Time that can withstand plant
without water, depends on the type and
of her age. New very young
plants should be watered
often. In contrast, plants that
have fleshy leaves no water can
survive very long. Plants do not
should be watered daily.
The best solution is
check the status of the humidity and the
the ground is dry, you can only
water the plant. Although you have to take into
the fact that what is a plant.

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