The use of economy buildings - ideas to use

November 16, 2014, 2:55 pm by: natalie


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The use of economy buildings -  ideas to use
The building in the picture is big. It's obvious. However, whether we realize how much it costs to maintain the building? Let's look at the fact that the building is one hundred percent completed - insulated, painted, etc. Now it is heated, lighted, and so on. However, this building is maybe five or maybe more room to spread out. And it really is one of the utilization of the grocery supermarket.
And what about the rest of the room? But in spite of all you need to pay certain costs associated with this.
How you would use the rest room?
1) is a good idea bank. In addition to the grocery store. perfectly.
2) The ice cream parlor / cafe / restaurant
3) Store plants
4) bookshop
And all this would be a good idea. HOWEVER, this building is in the countryside.
The rest of the Think.

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