Rotolight Aeos



Rotolight Aeos properties

Product name Aeos
Type Studio Lightning
Features Flash Function
Effect 42.0 W
Temperature (K) 6300.0
Type of Lighting LED
Weight 1.4 kg
Height 29.5 cm
Width 29.5 cm
Depth 2.0 cm

Additional information

Product name

Product type



Temperature -K

Type of Lighting





1 review for Rotolight Aeos

  1. Ronald F.

    Ever since I have been using Neo2 for a while and have known Aeos from various YouTube users.
    I also ordered Aeos to test for the price and kept it.

    It’s such a well-made product, and its flexibility makes it useful in many situations. I also love the included filters. It’s probably not bright enough to illuminate the entire scene on its own, but powerful enough for portrait work and creating adjustable ambient light for photos and videos.

    Yes, the price is relatively high and if you are looking for a classic flash replacement then you are wrong.
    My last session in Vien turned out to be great and it will be an important part of my kit in the future.

    It just can’t do that, assuming performance alone. However, Aeos is a flexible lighting solution that, in many cases, allows you to work quickly and easily. Especially if you take photos without a mirror.

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