Taplic – the best place for Internet video creators.

We help YouTubers to create their content and grow their Youtube channels. All this could be done by providing them tools, equipment and services.

We are also in the process of acquiring a few high quality video cameras, and this is just one of many investments that will help make the future of our brand and products.

We hope you can see me as a new kind of investor who wants to be on the cutting edge in the field of mobile devices and smartwatches.

In the future I hope you will consider joining our team .

This journey is just beginning for us, and the future will be filled with many things, which I won’t give you as you can see with pictures here .

We hope to share these photos as well as many of my own thoughts and ideas about the future of our company and its products. Please don’t hesitate to email any questions, concerns, or comments below.

First steps as video creator?

If you just started your adventure with creating video for your video blogs, car blogs or other thematic channels and streaming it in services such as YouTube, you are in good place.

We will help you develop your channel and achieve great success. We will help you both in technical and substantive terms in the development of your video channel.

We are the Creators ourselves and we have many years of experience in this matter. Please start with our guide for YT beginners.

Looking for channel promotion and audience growing?

If your channel has already been created and you have successfully published the first content, you probably wonder how to increase your viewership and attract new viewers.
For this purpose, we have prepared a special website that will help you in many ways achieve a greater reach in viewers.
All you have to do is add your movies to our video catalog for free and we’ll do the rest.
On our video site dedicated to the youtube platform free we promote your content, we combine it with others to Creators and Viewers.

Our services includes two separate projects for both photo and video sharing

and also a on-line shop with electronics equipment which will start at May 2020.

Hardware necessary to start with video production for YouTube

We are a representative of leading audio and video brands. At your request, we will provide any equipment for photography, filming and accessories necessary for photo and video processing and broadcasting for the needs of amateurs and professionals.
We are located in a beautiful, open and sunny setting where you can view our studio or you can come down and take pictures or videos of us.

We also offer studio rentals for a low price!

We have an amazing collection of film, video, digital equipment.

If you’d like to come out and visit us in person or send us an e-mail, or contact our office, then please contact us for more information.


Lighting for Studio

Image stabilization

Featured products reviews

Looking for a gear for music creation?

Any decent video production needs good music.

The best music is unique, created especially for your channel. If you are looking for inspiration, equipment or courses in the field of music creation – not only for YouTube – please visit our new website at: https://all4music.taplic.com

We are only just starting with the offer addressed to musicians, but the range of services and products offered will constantly increase.