How to start a career on YouTube – a tutorial for beginners

If you’ve made a decision to start a career on YouTube, congratulations on your choice and at the same time we encourage you to read our beginner’s guide.

Our guide, prepared by experienced YouTube channel owners with many thousands of subscriptions, will allow you to avoid many mistakes that happen to novice video creators.

What you need to start recording and publishing your movies

The fundamental issue in video production is the idea of valuable content of your video or the topic of the channel.
The best equipment and a professional film crew will never replace what is most important – the value they carry works.
Regardless of whether it is a video game channel, a blog about cooking or maybe a travel channel or a financial education channel in each of these cases the most important is the valuable content for the viewer of a particular viewer.

So when you think about the topic of your channel and potential target audience, you can start planning organizational issues and equipment.

The first one to think about is how you are going to have the best equipment to work in the most effective way for the best results.
I would say the most important thing you can do is to have the most advanced equipment you can in the right way and to have the most expensive equipment that you can.

You can browse here some popular categories of the studio equipment:

Audio recorders



You can also have the best sound equipment, but you can also have the best sound equipment that you can, so it all comes down to sound quality of your equipment.

For a more in-depth review of the equipment, the techniques and the tools on how to set up your production studio visit:
For a more in-depth review of the software, the tools and the tips on how to set up your studio visit our site

The next thing to consider is which of the existing equipment to buy

I would say the best part you can do to get the best equipment is to be in the most competitive category in your market.

That may be the highest quality of the best equipment that you can buy, and this may be the most cost effective.

A good example of a competitive category may be video gaming streaming, but in the rest of the industry it is pretty much the same.

You would want to be in the high end segment or the mid-range, and you would want to have all this gear to make sure everything is working the best.

So when you are choosing the equipment you should also be in the competitive category for your market and you know you are going to have all this gear.
The next one is the cost of the equipment you have to be on and the cost of the software and the sound and so on.
A very big factor in the quality of the video is the quality of your studio, so the next thing to consider is the quality of your accessories like lighting, connection cables and so on.

You want to make a really good quality of the editing as well as your sound.

What hardware equipment will you need for recording

if we are considering the equipment necessary to start making videos on YouTube You must ask yourself what will be the main video source for your videos. There are three basic categories of video sources:

  1. The real world – live people and places in this category we got also music videos, action sport.
  2. Computer screen or mobile device screen – when you run e.g. a game channel and publish game play or e-sport events
  3. Computer animations & multimedia presentations – for education and information channels – prepared in computer programs

If your channel will be in the first category, i.e. when the image source is the real world – you will need both a video camera and a solid sound source.

In the case of the second category – video card image recording from a computer or tablet. In this case, you will only need a good-quality microphone to record your own voice – voiceover background.
If you want to additionally publish your face in the thumbnail at the bottom of the film – just a simple webcam – even a built-in laptop or tablet.

The third category, i.e. 3D and 2D animations, can be implemented fully with the help of computer software, e.g. Blender or Power Point. If you also want to present a live actor in presentations, you may need a camera and a green screen for chromatic keying techniques.
The sound quality is also important in this case.


As it results from the above considerations, a matter that is repeated in each category – regardless of the image source, good quality of the recorded sound is extremely important.
Audio quality has a very positive effect on the final result much more than image quality.
Believe me, you can have a poor quality camera but in the case of good quality audio, the final effect for the viewer will be much better than even the best camera, very weak overdrive or sound with reverb.
Later in our guide, we’ll cover the hardware and software you need to get started without spending a fortune.
I will give you examples of free software that can be successfully used to mix video sound and export final movies – ready for publication on YouTube

Next part will be available soon – please revisit in one week

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