Phottix M180


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Phottix M180 properties

Product name M180
Type Studio Lightning
Colour Black
Temperature (K) 5600.0
Height 8.0 cm
Width 15.1 cm
Depth 9.8 cm

Additional information

Product name

Product type


Temperature -K




2 reviews for Phottix M180

  1. Arianna Serrano

    I purchased the Phottix M180 Studio Lighting in March and have been using it at work ever since. As someone who works as a waitress, I needed a good lighting system that would help make my food pictures pop on social media. At a height of 8.0 cm, it fits perfectly on my small table making it portable and easy to carry.

    The temperature of the lighting is about 5600.0K, which is perfect for me as it provides a natural light that makes my food look vibrant and appetizing. Compared to other studio lighting systems, I must say that Phottix M180 is truly remarkable as it is a portable and affordable lighting system that gets the job done.

    I admired the fact that this lighting is designed to be versatile and easy to use because it comes with various lighting settings and to make my life much easier. However, I do wish it had a case or bag to protect it when I’m not using it.

    Delivery of the Phottix M180 Studio Lighting system was quick, and it arrived in Houston in just a few days. I was really impressed with how fast it arrived because I have had issues in the past, that’s why I was a little worried. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase, and it’s been instrumental in making my pictures look professional. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants an affordable and quality Studio lighting system.

  2. Travis

    The Phottix M180 is a compact and portable Studio Lighting device with a depth of 9.8 cm. This depth measurement refers to its compact size, making it easy to carry around and store. While this may not be the most exciting or essential feature to highlight, it is worth mentioning for those who value space-saving equipment.

    Additionally, the Phottix M180 offers unique technical features that set it apart in the world of Studio Lighting. These features help to enhance the quality and versatility of the lighting it provides. Such technical aspects may include adjustable light intensity, color temperature control, and various lighting modes that cater to different shooting scenarios.

    By emphasizing these technical aspects, it becomes clear that the Phottix M180 is more than just a space-saving device. It offers photographers and videographers the ability to create professional lighting setups in varying environments. This level of control and versatility can greatly enhance the overall quality of their work.

    While it may be tempting to make exaggerated claims about how the Phottix M180 can save a lot of money, it is important to approach such statements with caution. It is possible that the device’s compact size and technical features could potentially lead to cost savings, such as reduced transportation costs or the need for fewer lighting accessories. However, it is essential to consider the specific needs and budget of each user before making any definitive claims about saving money.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I properly connect and configure my Phottix M180 transmitter and receiver for studio lighting purposes?

To connect and configure your Phottix M180 transmitter and receiver for studio lighting purposes, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that both the transmitter and receiver are powered on. The transmitter will have a green light indicating it's ready to communicate with other devices, while the receiver will have a red light. Turn your studio lighting units on and ensure they're in TTL (through-the-lens) mode. Press and hold the TEST button on the transmitter until the green LED flashes three times. This puts the Phottix M180 into learning mode. Hold down the LEARN button on your studio lighting unit's transmitter (located on the back of the camera). You'll see a solid red light on your studio lighting unit's transmitter. Release the TEST button on the Phottix M180, and the green LED will flash three times again to confirm the unit has learned the channel and ID information from your studio lighting unit's transmitter. Repeat steps 3-5 with any additional studio lighting units you want to connect using the LEARN button on their individual transmitters. Now, connect the Phottix M180 receiver to one of your studio lighting units' sync ports. Power on the studio lighting unit and it will automatically recognize that a Phottix M180 receiver is connected via TTL communication. You can now use this setup in wireless mode with your camera. To adjust the power levels for each studio lighting unit, you'll need to access their respective menus. Press and hold the MODE button on the Phottix M180 transmitter until it starts flashing. This puts the units into configuration mode. Release the MODE button and press the CH button (channel) to switch between channels. Use the UP/DOWN arrows to select the desired channel for your studio lighting unit's receiver. Press the ID button (ID) to cycle through each unit's ID number. Use the UP/DOWN arrows to adjust the ID number of the selected studio lighting unit. Repeat steps 9-11 with any additional studio lighting units you want to configure via the Phottix M180 transmitter. Press and hold the TEST button on the Phottix M180 transmitter until it starts flashing quickly. This confirms that your studio lighting unit's TTL communication is working properly.

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