Benro A48TDS4


Capture incredible moments with ease and stability with the Benro A48TDS4 tripod, designed for photographers and videographers alike.


The Benro A48TDS4 is a professional-grade tripod that is designed to meet the demands of photographers who need stability, adaptability, and reliability in their gear. This tripod is a versatile tool that can handle a wide range of tasks, from portrait photography to landscape shots, and even video recording.

One of the features that make the Benro A48TDS4 tripod stand out is its carbon fiber construction. This material is light, yet incredibly strong, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. With a weight of just 3.96 lbs, this tripod is easy to carry around, especially with the included carry case.

The tripod can extend to a maximum height of 70.9 inches, and it can support a maximum load of 8.8 lbs. This means that it can accommodate a variety of cameras and lenses, including full-frame DSLRs and medium format cameras. Additionally, the tripod has 4 leg sections with twist locks that allow for quick and easy adjustments.

Another unique feature of the Benro A48TDS4 tripod is its Center Column with a built-in leveling base. This allows for quick and easy adjustment of the camera angle, making it perfect for panoramic shots. The leveling base can also be locked in place for shooting at fixed angles.

The tripod also includes a removable base plate that can be replaced with a compatible ball head or video head. This makes the tripod even more adaptable to different shooting scenarios, such as filming or portrait photography. The base plate also has a safety lock that prevents accidental detachment.

Overall, the Benro A48TDS4 tripod is a fantastic investment for any professional or serious amateur photographer. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction, versatile adaptability, and innovative features make it the perfect tool for any shooting situation.

Aluminium Monopod, Tripod Head, Spirit level Pan & Tilt Head, Video Head, Quick Release, Maximum Height 183.64 cm

Benro A48TDS4 properties

Product name A48TDS4
Type of Tripod Monopod, Tripod Head
Features Spirit level
Leg Sections 4 Sections
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock
Tripod Head Features Quick Release, Spirit level
Tripod Head Typ Pan & Tilt Head, Quick Release, Video Head
Material Aluminium
Maximum Height 183.64 cm
Folded Length 67.6 cm
Load Capacity 4.0 kg
Weight 1.92 kg
Tripod Head Height 10 cm
Tripod Head Weight 0.7 kg

Additional information

Product name

Type of Tripod



Leg Sections

Leg Lock Type

Tripod Head Features


Tripod Head Typ

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Maximum Height

Folded Length

Load Capacity


Tripod Head Height

Tripod Head Weight

2 reviews for Benro A48TDS4

  1. Ivan

    I recently purchased the Benro A48TDS4 tripod in November, and so far, I am pretty impressed with my investment. The Pan & Tilt Head Tripod Head Type allows me to precisely position my camera in any orientation, which is incredibly useful when shooting photos and videos at different angles. Additionally, the Twist Lock Leg Lock Type is robust and feels secure, allowing me to set up my tripod in any environment without fear of it falling over.

    Compared to other tripods, this one feels sturdier and more durable, which is a definite plus for me as a lawyer. I frequently travel with my camera to court cases and other law-related events, and having a reliable tripod like the Benro A48TDS4 gives me peace of mind when capturing critical moments.

    The delivery of the tripod to my Greensboro address was prompt, and the product arrived in excellent condition. I would recommend this tripod to anyone who needs a versatile tool that can handle any photographic situation, regardless of the environment. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to others.

  2. Daisy Patrick

    Dear fellow photography enthusiasts,

    I couldn’t agree more with Ivan’s review of the Benro A48TDS4 tripod. As someone who values reliability and versatility in my camera gear, this product has exceeded my expectations. The Pan & Tilt Head Type allows for precise positioning of the camera in any orientation, while the Twist Lock Leg Lock Type ensures stability in a variety of environments.

    But what really sets this tripod apart is its durability. As a busy professional, I appreciate the peace of mind that comes with using a product built to last. The Benro A48TDS4 feels like it’s designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, which helps to mitigate any potential stress or anxiety associated with using less reliable equipment.

    In addition to its exceptional features, I was impressed by the prompt delivery and excellent condition in which the tripod arrived. Benro’s commitment to customer satisfaction is refreshing and goes a long way towards building brand loyalty.

    I highly recommend this tripod to anyone who wants a versatile, reliable, and durable tool for their photography needs. Whether you’re shooting in the studio or out in the wilderness, the Benro A48TDS4 has got you covered!

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    Until next time, happy shooting and stay curious!

    Best regards,
    Daisy Patrick

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the key features and specifications of the Benro A48TDSS4 tripod, and how do I properly set it up for photography or videography use?

The Benro A48TDSS4 is a high-quality carbon fiber travel tripod designed for photographers and videographers on the go. It features lightweight construction, solid stability, and compact folding dimensions for easy transport. Here are some of its key features and specifications:

1. Material: Made from 6X carbon fiber tubes, this tripod offers a combination of strength and weight reduction while maintaining durability.
2. Maximum Height: The maximum height of the Benro A48TDSS4 tripod is approximately 59 inches (150 cm) with the center column fully extended.
3. Minimum Height: When set up without the center column, the minimum height is about 16.9 inches (43 cm). With the center column folded down, the minimum height becomes around 12.6 inches (32 cm).
4. Folded Length: The folded length of this tripod is approximately 20 inches (50 cm), making it a great option for travel photographers and videographers who need to pack their gear efficiently.
5. Load Capacity: This tripod has a maximum load capacity of 33 lbs (15 kg), which should be more than enough for most DSLR cameras and lenses or mirrorless camera systems.
6. Leg Sections: The Benro A48TDSS4 tripod features four leg sections that can be extended or collapsed quickly using twist locks.
7. Leg Angles: It offers three-section leg angle adjustment, allowing you to set the legs at wide, medium, or narrow positions for added stability and versatility in various shooting scenarios.
8. Center Column: The center column comes with a removable hook for adding extra weight, which can help improve stability during windy conditions or when using heavy equipment.
9. Head Compatibility: This tripod is designed to work seamlessly with Benro's B1, B2, GH1, and GH3 ball heads, among others. Ensure you select the appropriate head model for your specific needs.
10. Tripod Feet: The Benro A48TDSS4 tripod comes equipped with rubber feet that provide excellent grip on various surfaces but can be replaced by metal spikes if required.

To set up the Benro A48TDSS4 tripod for photography or videography use, follow these steps:

1. Unpack the tripod from its carrying case and extend each leg section until all four legs are fully extended.
2. Position the central column so that it's perpendicular to the ground.
3. If you need more height, extend the center column by unscrewing it from the bottom of the tripod head and screwing it back on in an upward position. Be sure not to over-extend the column as this may compromise stability.
4. To adjust leg angles, locate the locking levers near each leg's base. Open these locks and move the legs into the desired position (wide, medium, or narrow). Close the locks once you have achieved your preferred setup.
5. Attach your camera to the tripod head by connecting it directly or using a quick release plate if available.
6. Check that the tripod is stable on the ground and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it remains steady during use.
7. If needed, attach additional weight to the center column hook for extra stability in windy conditions or when using heavy equipment.
8. Once everything is set up, take a moment to double-check that your camera is securely attached and all connections are tight.
9. Start shooting!

What is the weight capacity of the Benro A48TDS4 tripod?

The Benro A48TDS4 tripod has a maximum load capacity of 30kg (66.

What is the maximum load capacity for Benro A48TDS4 tripod?

The maximum load capacity of the Benro A48TDS4 tripod is 13.

How do I properly attach my camera to the Benro A48TDS4 tripod for stable shots?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to attach your camera to the Benro A48TDS4 tripod for stable shots:
1. First, make sure that the legs of the tripod are fully extended and locked into position. This will give you the most stability when taking your shot. Next, locate the quick release plate on the bottom of your camera. If your camera doesn't have a quick release plate, you may need to purchase one separately. Attach the quick release plate to the tripod head by aligning the plate with the corresponding holes on the head and pressing it firmly into place. Make sure that the plate is securely locked in position. Now, attach your camera to the quick release plate by sliding it into the plate's mounting points. Ensure that the plate is level and centered within the plate's boundaries. Tighten the locking screw on the tripod head to secure your camera in place. This will prevent your camera from accidentally falling off during your shot. Finally, adjust the angle and height of the tripod legs as needed to achieve the desired composition for your shot. Remember to keep your camera level and centered within the frame.

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