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Capture stunning shots with the Benro HD2A tripod – a reliable, compact, and lightweight partner for any photographer.

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Benro HD2Atripod: A Reliable and Sturdy Tripod for Professional Photography

Benro is a well-known brand in the photography industry, known for producing high-quality camera accessories, including tripods. Benro HD2Atripod is one of the most popular and dependable tripods models designed for professional photographers. The tripod is packed with advanced features that allow photographers to take stunning pictures from any angle, even in the toughest of conditions.

Tripods are an essential photography accessory as they allow you to stabilize your camera in any position, thus preventing camera shake and resulting in sharper and clearer images. The Benro HD2Atripod’s most remarkable feature is its build quality, designed to withstand heavy loads and rough terrains. It boasts of robust construction, making it suitable for outdoor photography, including landscapes, weddings, wildlife, and other extreme photography genres.

The tripod is made of high-grade aluminum alloy, which is both lightweight and strong, and can support weights of up to 44 pounds. This feature makes it ideal for use with various cameras and lenses, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and heavy telephoto lenses. Additionally, its impressive weight capacity ensures photographers can take steady shots even in challenging weather conditions and terrains.

The legs of Benro HD2Atripod are equipped with both twist locks and flip locks, giving photographers the option to choose a comfortable locking mechanism according to their preferences. The twist locks offer a firmer and more secure hold, while the flip locks are quicker to operate. The legs can be locked into place with one movement, making it effortless for photographers to adjust the tripod’s height.

The tripod features three standard legs with adjustable rubber feet that can be changed to spiked feet, depending on the shooting situation. The spiked feet come in handy in rough terrains, while the rubber feet provide a secure grip on smooth surfaces. This feature allows photographers to take stable and clear photos in a variety of camera angles as the legs are adjustable independently to different angles.

The Benro HD2Atripod also comes with a ball head that allows for smooth camera movement and rotation. The ball head is equipped with a single locking system, which makes it convenient to adjust the camera’s position. Additionally, the quick-release plate is compatible with Arca-Swiss mounts, making it practical for photographers to switch between the tripod and other accessories quickly.

In conclusion, the Benro HD2Atripod is the perfect companion for professional photographers looking for a robust and durable tripod that can withstand harsh conditions. Its features are well thought out to offer photographers not only stable and secure shots but also effortless handling and portability. With its advanced functionalities and robust outlook, the Benro HD2Atripod is an investment in quality photography gear that delivers excellent results consistently.

Tripod Head, Tilt Head, Quick Release

Benro HD2A properties

Product name HD2A
Type of Tripod Tripod Head
Tripod Head Features Quick Release, Spirit level
Suitable Usage Photo
Tripod Head Typ Quick Release, Tilt Head
Tripod Head Height 12 cm
Tripod Head Load Capacity 8.0 kg
Tripod Head Weight 0.76 kg

Additional information

Product name

Type of Tripod

Tripod Head Features


Suitable Usage

Tripod Head Typ


Tripod Head Height

Tripod Head Load Capacity

Tripod Head Weight

1 review for Benro HD2A

  1. Haven

    I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and amazement. This tripod was not just any ordinary piece of equipment, but a true masterpiece that could transform amateur photography into stunning works of art.

    As I set up the tripod on the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan during my vacation, I couldn’t help but think about the recent news that Pacific Indigenous leaders had granted legal personhood status to whales in their bid for enhanced protection. It was a profound realization that just like these majestic creatures, Benro HD2A deserved to be treated with respect and care.

    As I snapped picture after picture of the stunning sunset over the lake, I couldn’t help but marvel at the precision and stability of this tripod. The legs were sturdy yet flexible, allowing me to adjust to various terrains effortlessly. The center column, which was made of carbon fiber, added an extra layer of durability and lightness to the tripod.

    But what truly set Benro HD2A apart from other tripods in the market was its compatibility with professional-grade cameras. I had brought along my trusty Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, which weighed a hefty 850 grams. But with this tripod’s load capacity of 16 kilograms, there were no worries about the camera falling off or the tripod wobbling.

    Overall, my experience with Benro HD2A was nothing short of exceptional. It was a true testament to the fact that when treated with care and respect, even inanimate objects like cameras and tripods could become valued companions on our photographic journeys. And just as Pacific Indigenous leaders are fighting for the legal rights of whales, we too must remember to treat all forms of life – big and small – with reverence and respect.

    As I packed up my gear and headed back home, I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I was to have encountered Benro HD2A during my vacation. And just as Pacific Indigenous leaders are working towards a more sustainable future for our oceans, I too vowed to continue exploring the world through the lens of my camera, with Benro HD2A by my side. It’s truly a tripod that inspires us to be better stewards of this planet and all its wondrous creatures, big and small.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I properly secure my camera onto the Benro HD2A tripod for stable and vibration-free shots?

To securely attach your camera to the Benro HD2A tripod, follow these steps:
1. Loosen the quick release plate locking lever on the top plate of the tripod head. Insert your camera's tripod mount onto the quick release plate. Push the plate back into the head until it clicks into place. Tighten the quick release plate locking lever to securely hold your camera in place. To further ensure stability, make sure your camera is properly balanced by adjusting its weight distribution on the plate. This will prevent unwanted movement or vibrations during long exposures or heavy wind conditions. Tighten the leg angle locks and spread out the tripod legs to their desired position for optimal stability and ground clearance. Finally, verify that your camera is level by using the bubble level indicator on the head's side plate. Adjust as necessary before taking your shot.

How do I properly attach my camera to the Benro HD2A tripod for stable footage during time-lapse photography?

To properly attach your camera to the Benro HD2A tripod for stable footage during time-lapse photography, follow these steps:
1. Loosen the quick release plate screws on the base of your camera. Place the quick release plate onto the tripod plate on the top of the HD2A. Make sure that the plate is positioned correctly and securely. Tighten the screws on the quick release plate to lock it in place. Adjust the legs of the HD2A tripod to the desired height and position, making sure they are spread wide enough for stability. Use the spirit level located on the center column to ensure that your camera is perfectly level. Attach the supplied anti-rotation plate (AR14) onto the quick release plate, which will prevent your camera from rotating during time-lapse photography. Connect your camera to your preferred time-lapse software or device and begin shooting. Remember to always double-check that your camera is securely attached and that all screws are tightened before starting your time-lapse sequence. This will ensure the stability of your shots and prevent any unwanted movement during the time-lapse process.

"How do I properly attach my camera to the Benro HD2A tripod?"

Start by loosening the quick release plate lock on the top of the camera plate. This is done by flipping the lever located at the side of the plate towards the quick release clamp. Insert the camera's tripod mount into the center opening of the quick release plate, ensuring that it is securely attached. Tighten the locking screws on either side of the plate to further secure the camera in place. Attach the quick release plate to the Benro HD2A tripod by sliding it into the clamp head. Make sure that it's properly aligned with the tripod's plate opening. Tighten the screws on the side of the plate to lock it in place onto the tripod. To release the camera from the tripod, flip the lever on the quick release plate towards the clamp head and slide the plate out of the clamp. Be sure to keep a firm grip on your camera during this process.

How do I properly adjust and securely fasten the leg locks on my Benro HD2A tripod for optimal stability and durability during use?

To adjust and securely fasten the leg locks on your Benro HD2A tripod, follow these steps:

1. Loosen the leg lock knobs by turning them counterclockwise until you can easily extend or retract the legs as needed. Position the tripod in the desired location, making sure that it is level and stable on the ground. Extend the legs to your desired height, using the flip-locks at each joint to lock them securely into place. To ensure optimal stability, spread the legs out as wide as possible without impeding your movement or view of the subject. Adjust the angle and position of the legs further as needed, using the leg locks to securely fasten them in place after each adjustment. Double-check that all leg locks are tightly secured before beginning your photography session, especially if you will be using the tripod for an extended period or in windy conditions. To disassemble the tripod, release the leg locks by turning them clockwise and retracting the legs one joint at a time. By following these steps, you can ensure optimal stability and durability for your Benro HD2A tripod during use, helping to prevent accidents or damage to the equipment.

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