Manfrotto 391RC2


Get perfect shots every time with the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod, the best camera accessory for all your photography needs.

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Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod is one of the most popular tripods among photographers and videographers for its ease of use, versatility, and durability. This tripod is part of the 390 series, which is known for its sturdiness, stability, and smooth movements. The 391RC2 tripod is designed for cameras and camcorders up to 11 pounds, making it an ideal choice for most photography and videography needs.

One of the standout features of this tripod is its sturdy aluminum construction. This makes it both lightweight and durable, meaning you can carry it around with ease and it’ll last for years to come. The tripod has three leg sections that can be extended and locked in place with ease, making it easy to set up quickly and precisely. The folded length of the tripod is 19.29 inches, which makes it fairly compact and easy to transport.

Another great feature of the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod is its adjustable center column. The column can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal position using a simple thumb-wheel locking mechanism. This is particularly useful for shooting at unusual angles or when you need to take overhead shots. The column also has a reversible screw that allows you to attach cameras and camcorders of different sizes and weights.

The tripod head of the Manfrotto 391RC2 is equally impressive. It has a quick-release plate that can be attached or detached from the camera with a single click. This makes it easy to swap between cameras or to quickly switch from handheld to tripod-mounted shooting. The head also has a bubble level that allows you to ensure that your camera is perfectly level – a crucial feature for videographers and photographers who need to shoot accurate and consistent footage.

The Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod is also notable for its compatibility with a range of accessories. The legs have a standard 3/8-inch screw attachment that allows you to attach other accessories, such as a light or a microphone. This is particularly useful for videographers who need to shoot in low light or who need to record high-quality audio.

Overall, the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod is an excellent choice for photographers and videographers who need a reliable and versatile tripod for their cameras and camcorders. It’s sturdy, easy to use, and comes with a range of features that make it a great investment for any budget. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, this tripod is sure to meet your needs and help you to take your photography and videography to the next level.

Aluminium Tripod Head, Tilt Head

Manfrotto 391RC2 properties

Product name 391RC2
Type of Tripod Tripod Head
Suitable Usage Photo, Video
Tripod Head Typ Tilt Head
Material Aluminium
Tripod Head Height 10 cm
Tripod Head Load Capacity 5.0 kg
Tripod Head Weight 569.0 kg

Additional information

Product name

Type of Tripod

Suitable Usage


Tripod Head Typ


Tripod Head Height

Tripod Head Load Capacity

Tripod Head Weight

1 review for Manfrotto 391RC2

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the maximum payload capacity of the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod, and what are the specifications for its adjustable center column?

The Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod has a maximum payload capacity of 6.6 lbs (3 kg). Its adjustable center column allows you to extend or retract the column to achieve your desired height without having to change the leg angles, providing up to 7.4 inches (185 mm) of additional height when extended. The center column has a diameter of 1 inch (25 mm).

"How do I properly attach my camera to the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod with the quick release plate?"

Attaching your camera to a Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod with its included quick release plate is a simple and straightforward process. Here are the steps you can follow:

1. First, make sure that your camera's strap is securely fastened around the neck of the camera. This will prevent any accidental drops in case you lose your grip on the camera during the attachment process. Next, locate the quick release plate that came with your Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod. The plate should have a small lever or latch on one end and two metal bars on the other end that will slide into the clamp of the tripod's head. Attach the quick release plate to your camera by aligning the two metal bars with the corresponding slots on the bottom of your camera. Press down firmly on the plate until it snaps into place. Make sure that the plate is level and centered beneath the lens. If your camera has a tripod socket with a standard 1/4-20 thread size, you may want to consider using a screw-in adapter for added security. This will help prevent any wobbling or loosening of the connection between the camera and plate during use. Once the quick release plate is securely attached to your camera, position it over the clamp on the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod's head. Make sure that the two metal bars are properly aligned with the corresponding slots on the clamp. Press down firmly on the lever or latch on the quick release plate to release it from your camera. The camera should now be securely attached to the tripod. Finally, adjust the tripod's legs and head to achieve the desired position and angle for your shot. Make sure that the camera is level and stable before taking your photo. That's it! Following these steps will ensure that your camera is properly and securely attached to the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod with its quick release plate, providing you with a stable and steady platform for capturing your photos or videos.

How should I properly attach my camera to the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod?

To attach your camera to the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod, follow these steps:

1. Locate the quick release plate that came with your Manfrotto head and insert it into the dovetail mount on the head. Make sure it is securely fastened. Loosen the lever lock on the plate by pressing the red button and sliding the lever downward. Place your camera onto the quick release plate, ensuring that it is centered and level. Tighten the lever lock by pushing the lever upward and firmly securing it in place. Attach the head to the tripod by aligning the head's dovetail with the corresponding mount on the center column or leg section you wish to use. Push the head onto the mount until it is securely locked in place. Adjust the tripod's legs and height as needed for your desired shooting position, using the various levers and locks provided by the Manfrotto 391RC2. Finally, tighten any loose parts or connections to ensure a stable and secure setup.

"How do I properly attach my camera to the quick release plate on the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod?"

To properly attach your camera to the quick release plate on the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod, follow these steps:

1. First, ensure that the quick release plate is securely attached to your camera's tripod mount. Loosen the screws on the plate and slide it onto the bottom of your camera. Tighten the screws firmly but do not overtighten as this may damage the threads or strip the screw heads. Next, attach the quick release plate to the top of the Manfrotto 391RC2 tripod head. Align the plate with the two knobs on the side of the head and slide it onto the plate's connecting points. Push down on the plate until it clicks into place, indicating that it is securely attached to the tripod head. You may need to adjust the position of the plate slightly to ensure that it is level. Tighten the two knobs on the side of the head to lock the plate in place. Make sure that you do not overtighten as this may cause the plate to become stuck or damage the knobs. To release the camera from the tripod, press down on the quick release lever located at the front of the head. This will allow you to slide the plate out of the connecting points and remove your camera from the tripod. When replacing your camera onto the tripod, make sure that it is securely attached to the quick release plate before tightening the knobs on the side of the head. Finally, ensure that the head and plate are clean and free of any dirt or debris as this may affect their performance over time. Remember, always perform the task to the best of your ability to ensure the longevity and functionality of your equipment.

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