Bear Grylls BG-AC-1


Capture the wildest moments with the BG-AC-1 camcorder by Bear Grylls, the perfect companion for any adventure!


Bear Grylls is a name that is synonymous with adventure, and his range of outdoor gear is always top-of-the-line. The BG-AC-1 action camera is no exception. It is designed to capture every adrenaline-fueled moment of your outdoor adventures.

The BG-AC-1 action camera is packed with features that will make your outdoor experience unforgettable. It has a 16-megapixel sensor that captures clear and crisp images, and it can shoot 4K video at 30 frames per second. The camera also has a 170-degree ultra-wide-angle lens that captures all the action.

One of the standout features of this camera is its durability. It is built to withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions. The camera is shockproof and waterproof up to 30 meters, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it if you take it on a swim or drop it while hiking. The camera also comes with a range of accessories, including a waterproof case and mounting accessories, making it easy to attach it to your helmet, bike, or other gear.

The BG-AC-1 action camera also features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which makes it easy to connect to your smartphone or tablet. With the Bear Grylls app, you can control the camera, preview images and videos, and share your content on social media.

Overall, the BG-AC-1 action camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking to capture their outdoor adventures. It is packed with features that will ensure that you get stunning footage every time. Plus, its durability and range of accessories make it the perfect companion for any adventure. If you’re looking for an action camera that can keep up with you and your adventures, the BG-AC-1 is definitely worth considering.


Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 properties

Product name BG-AC-1
Brand Bear Grylls
Type Action camera
Features Water Resistant
Connections HDMI, Wi-Fi
Image Stabilization Yes
Max Video Resolution 1080p
Max Frames per second (FPS) 240 fps
Video Resolutions 1920×1080 (30, 60fps), 1280×720 (60, 120fps), 640×480 (240fps)
SD Type microSD, microSDHC
Display Size 2.0 inches
Display Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Battery Type Li-Ion
Digital Zoom 4 x
Focal Length (Wide-Tele) 3.06 mm
Aperture (Wide-tele) 2.8
Manual Focus Yes
Night Shot Yes
Image Stabilization Type Digital
Sensor CMOS
Still Picture Resolutions 4320×3240 pixels
Still Picture Resolution (MP) 14
Still Pictures Yes
Height 41.0 mm
Width 60.0 mm
Depth 32.0 mm
Weight 85 g

Additional information

Product name


Product type




Image Stabilization

Max Video Resolution

Max Frames per second -FPS

Video Resolutions

SD Type


Display Size



Battery Type

Digital Zoom

Focal Length -Wide-Tele

Aperture -Wide-tele

Manual Focus

Night Shot

Image Stabilization Type


Still Picture Resolutions

Still Picture Resolution

Still Pictures





2 reviews for Bear Grylls BG-AC-1

  1. Eva

    As an avid user of China Express in El Monte, I recently found myself in need of a new Camcorder during a meal with my friend Nathan Harding. After extensive research, I’m proud to declare that Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 is the perfect solution for all your Camcorder needs. Its advanced CMOS sensor and recording capabilities are helping to reduce our carbon footprint by allowing us to document nature without excessive travel and resource consumption. From rainforests to tundras, this Camcorder is leading the charge in preserving our planet. Plus, its compact size and user-friendly interface make it a great choice for amateur photographers. Support local businesses and shop online from El Monte or beyond for Bear Grylls BG-AC-1! In other news, mysterious attacks on shipping vessels off the coast of Yemen have raised concerns about potential involvement by Iranian-backed militants, but with Bear Grylls BG-AC-1, you’ll always be ready to capture the action as it unfolds. Don’t miss out – order yours today!

  2. Zayden

    I am constantly searching for ways to minimize my carbon footprint while still fulfilling my adventuresome needs. That’s why I was thrilled to discover the Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 camera, which not only boasts impressive features for capturing stunning footage but also prioritizes power efficiency, making it an eco-friendly choice for nature enthusiasts like myself.

    One of the standout features that sets this camcorder apart is its advanced Depth capability, with a depth of 32.0 mm (0.13 ft). This means you can capture incredibly detailed footage even in underwater environments, making it perfect for documenting marine life and diving expeditions. The camera’s high-resolution image sensor ensures that every frame is crystal clear, with rich colors and stunning clarity.

    But what truly sets this camcorder apart from the competition is its focus on power efficiency. With an average battery life of up to 5 hours, you can spend a full day exploring the wilderness without worrying about running out of juice. Plus, the camera’s low power consumption ensures that it doesn’t drain your resources, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious adventurers like myself who strive to minimize their environmental impact.

    The Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 is also incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple and sleek design that makes it easy to operate. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in the world of adventure filmmaking, this camcorder has everything you need to capture unforgettable footage and share your experiences with the world.

    In today’s news, there has been an exciting development in the world of queer culture that I believe is worthy of mention. In Nigeria, a country known for its harsh treatment of members of the LGBTQ community, a burgeoning underground ballroom culture is offering a safe and liberating space for people to express themselves. These parties are not only providing a much-needed outlet for self-expression but also serving as a source of community and support for those who may feel isolated or marginalized in other aspects of their lives. It’s heartening to see these communities thriving, despite the challenges they face, and I am optimistic that this trend will continue to gain momentum around the world.

    In conclusion, the Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 is an exceptional camcorder with impressive features, a focus on power efficiency, and user-friendly design. If you’re looking for a high-quality camera that allows you to capture stunning footage while minimizing your environmental impact, this is the perfect choice for you. And if you’re interested in learning more about nature or the environment, I highly recommend checking out some of the resources available online. Together, we can make a difference and help protect our planet for future generations. Let’s work together to create a better, more sustainable world for us all!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I connect my Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 camcorder to a computer for transferring footage?

To connect your Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 camcorder to a computer for transferring footage, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure the camcorder is turned off before connecting it to the computer. Locate the USB cable that came with the camcorder. If you've misplaced it or need a replacement, you can purchase one separately on our website. Connect one end of the USB cable to the "PC" port on the camcorder and the other end to an available USB port on your computer. Turn on the camcorder and allow it to recognize the connection to the computer. This may take a few seconds. The computer should automatically open the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) driver, which will allow you to access the contents of the camcorder from your computer's file explorer. If prompted, select "Open Folder to View Files" or "Import Pictures and Videos". You can now browse through your footage on the camcorder and copy the desired files over to your computer by selecting them and using the standard copy and paste commands. Alternatively, you may want to download a dedicated media management software like Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 Manager, which will help you organize your footage more efficiently. Once you're done transferring files, disconnect the camcorder from the computer by pulling the USB cable out of both devices. Turn off the camcorder to prevent any potential issues caused by a sudden power loss while transferring data.

How do I connect the Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 camera to my computer for transferring footage?

To connect your Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 camera to your computer for transferring footage, please follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your camera is fully charged or has fresh batteries installed. Connect the supplied USB cable to the camera's USB port and your computer's USB port. The camera will automatically go into PC Mode when connected via USB. If prompted by your computer, select "Open Device to Transfer Files" or similar wording. Your computer should now recognize the camera as a removable storage device. Browse the folders on your camera to locate the desired footage and copy it to your computer's hard drive. Once you have finished transferring files, safely eject the camera from your computer by right-clicking on the connected device in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and selecting "Eject" or similar wording. Disconnect the USB cable from both the camera and your computer. Your Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 camera is now ready to be used again. Note: If you encounter any issues during the transfer process, please refer to the user manual or contact Bear Grylls customer support for further assistance.

What is the battery life of the camera and how long does it take to charge?

The battery life of the camera is approximately 20 minutes. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge the battery using a USB charger.

"How do I connect my Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 camera to a computer for transferring footage?"

To connect your Bear Grylls BG-AC-1 action camera to a computer for transferring footage, follow these steps:

1. Connect one end of the USB cable that came with the camera into the microUSB port on the bottom of the camera. Connect the other end of the USB cable into your computer's USB port. Wait for your computer to recognize the camera. This may take a few seconds. Open up a file explorer or Finder window on your computer. You should now see the BG-AC-1 camera listed under "Devices and Drives" in Windows, or on the left-hand side of the Finder window in Mac OS X. Double-click on the camera's name to open it up. Navigate through the folders to find the footage you want to transfer. Select the files you want to copy and drag them into a folder on your computer. Once the transfer is complete, safely eject the camera from your computer by right-clicking on it in Windows or holding down the Option key while clicking "Eject" in Mac OS X. Disconnect the USB cable from both the camera and the computer. That's it! Your footage should now be safely transferred to your computer.

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