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Get ready for outstanding footage with the GoPro Hero8 Black—the latest and greatest camcorder that has all the features you need to capture stunning photos and videos.


GoPro Hero8 Black is the latest addition to the GoPro family of camcorders. This camera is considered one of the most advanced in terms of its features, capabilities, and design. The GoPro Hero8 Black camcorder is a much-improved version of its predecessor, the GoPro Hero7 Black, with enhanced features that make filming and sharing adventures even easier.

One of the most significant improvements on the Hero8 Black is that it comes with a new HyperSmooth 2.0 technology, ensuring that the camera provides the most stable and smooth footage even in the most challenging terrains. This feature is a great addition for those who like extreme outdoor activities such as skydiving, mountain climbing, or surfing. Users no longer have to worry about shaky footage or the hassle of setting up an external stabilizer to achieve smooth footage.

The Hero8 Black comes with three different levels of stabilization, each one offering its own benefits. The first level, HyperSmooth 2.0, is the most stable and smooth footage, and it activates by default. The second level, called Boost, provides even more enhanced stability for those users who want the best footage possible. Finally, there is a new High and Narrow or Linear mode, which crops the image, ensuring that the video footage is straight and doesn’t have any shaky edges.

The Hero8 Black comes with a 12mp camera that records 4K videos at 60 fps. Additionally, the camera comes with a 1080p live-streaming feature, making it easy to share live videos on social media platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. The camera also comes with a built-in microphone as well as improved audio processing, making the sound quality of recordings much better than before.

One of the best features of the Hero8 Black is its design. GoPro has added a built-in mount, which is compatible with all current GoPro accessories, making this camera extremely versatile. The Hero8 Black also has a touchscreen display that is much larger and easier to navigate than previous models. Additionally, it comes with a redesigned housing that is much easier to attach and remove from the camera.

Overall, the GoPro Hero8 Black camcorder is a fantastic addition to the GoPro family, and it is also an excellent investment for those adventurers who love to document their outdoor experiences. With its advanced image stabilization, 4K video quality, live-streaming feature, and sleek design, the GoPro Hero8 Black is an excellent option for anyone looking to capture their adventures in the most efficient and best way possible.

2160p (4K) Wi-Fi Touch screen Water resistant

GoPro Hero8 Black properties

Product name Hero8 Black
Max Video Resolution 2160p (4K)
Max Frames per second (FPS) 240 fps
Video Resolutions 3840×2160 (60fps), 1920×1080 (240fps)
Type Action camera
Water resistant Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
USB Type-C Yes
SD Type microSD
microSD Yes
Display Yes
Display Size 2.0 “
Touch screen Yes
Battery Type Li-Ion
Night Shot Yes
Image Stabilization Yes
Image Stabilization Type Digital
Still Pictures Yes
Still Picture Resolution (MP) 12
Height 48.6 mm
Width 66.3 mm
Depth 28.4 mm
Weight 126 g

Additional information

Product name

Max Video Resolution

Max Frames per second -FPS

Video Resolutions


Product type

Water resistant





USB Type-C

SD Type



Display Size

Touch screen

Battery Type

Night Shot

Image Stabilization

Image Stabilization Type

Still Pictures

Still Picture Resolution





1 review for GoPro Hero8 Black

  1. Reid Clemons

    I recently purchased the GoPro Hero8 Black in September and I must say, this little device has truly exceeded my expectations. As a baggage handler in Orlando, I often find myself in unique situations and wanted a reliable and versatile camcorder to capture all the action. The GoPro Hero8 Black has truly delivered on every front.

    Firstly, the image and video quality of this camera is outstanding. The clarity and sharpness of the footage is unparalleled, and the stabilization feature ensures that even when I’m moving around or facing rough conditions, the videos come out incredibly smooth. Being able to capture my adventures in stunning 4K resolution is truly a game-changer.

    One of the standout features of the GoPro Hero8 Black is its built-in Wi-Fi capability. This allows me to instantly transfer my photos and videos to my phone or laptop, making it convenient for sharing with friends or editing on the go. The ease of use when it comes to connecting to devices via Wi-Fi is incredibly user-friendly and hassle-free.

    Another aspect that impressed me is the compact and portable design of the camera. With a width of just 66.3mm, it easily fits in the palm of my hand and can be taken anywhere without weighing me down. This is especially important for someone like me who has to be on the move constantly. The durable build also ensures that it can withstand the occasional bumps and drops that are inevitable in my line of work.

    Now, let’s compare the GoPro Hero8 Black to another popular camcorder on the market. The other camcorder that comes to mind is the Sony FDR-AX53. While the Sony camcorder offers exceptional image quality and a wide range of manual settings, it falls short in terms of its size and portability. The GoPro Hero8 Black’s compact design makes it a clear winner for someone like me who needs a camera that is easy to carry on the job.

    In terms of delivery, I ordered the GoPro Hero8 Black online, and it arrived promptly at my doorstep in Orlando. The story behind my purchase is quite interesting. After seeing a few of my colleagues using the GoPro Hero8 Black, I was intrigued by its capabilities and decided to give it a try. I researched various options and finally made the decision to invest in this incredible camera. I have not regretted my decision one bit.

    In conclusion, the GoPro Hero8 Black has been an absolute game-changer for me. As a baggage handler in Orlando, it has allowed me to capture breathtaking footage of my adventures both on and off the job. With its remarkable image quality, convenient Wi-Fi connectivity, and compact design, it outshines its competitors. I highly recommend the GoPro Hero8 Black to anyone in need of a reliable and versatile camcorder.

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