Canon EOS 90D



Digital SLR, CMOS, APS-C, 30-1/8000, 32.5 MP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 701g

Canon EOS 90D properties

Product name EOS 90D
Type Digital SLR
Lens Body only
Compatible lenses Canon EF/EF-S
Memory Cards SD, SDHC, SDXC
Features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Viewfinder Optical
Shutter Speed 30-1/8000 bps
Continuous Drive 10fps
Auto Focus Yes
AF points 45
Image Stabilization Yes
Manual Focus Yes
Max Picture Resolution 6960×4640 pixels
Image File Format DPOF, EXIF, JPEG, RAW
Flash Built-in, External
Flash Sync Speed 1/250 sec
Battery Type Lithium-ion rechargeable
Display Size 3.0 “
Display Resolution 1040000 pixels
Max Video Resolution 3840×2160 (4K)
Video resolutions (fps) 3840X2160 (30, 25 fps), 1920×1080 (25, 30, 50, 60, 100, 120fps), 1280×720 (60, 50fps)
Video File Format MP4, MPEG4
Audio File Format AAC
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Format APS-C
Effective Pixels 32.5 MP
Total Pixels 34.4 MP
ISO Rating 100-25600
Weight 701.0 g
Dimensions (HxWxD) 105x141x77 mm

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Shutter Speed

Continuous Drive

Auto Focus

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Image Stabilization

Manual Focus

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2 reviews for Canon EOS 90D

  1. Peter Johnson

    I’ve used Canon since I was 20 and love them all. It had been over 5 years since I upgraded from 50D to 90D and It hasn’t disappointed me. I am an amateur, not a pro, so some of its features don’t mean much to me. The auto focus is the main improvement over my previous 50D as it now works with my 400mm lens with the 1.4 extender as well. I found it devilishly difficult to manually focus the 400mm so the aoto focus is a godsend. It’s fast and easy to use. Well done Canon.

  2. Frank C

    The camera is quite ok in a bit of everything, and it is great to use the equipment, the ergonomics of the device give a lot of opportunities when taking photos. When processing photos on a computer it is not always perfect, but you can save the photo in 99% of cases (not counting the lack of focus etc.). As someone is looking for the last good DSLR camera before the mirrorless cameras become unquestionably better, 90D is a relatively good choice.

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