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Product name DVT1110
Type Dictaphone

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  1. Kalind

    The microphone is in perfect condition. Only a lower quality adapter but seems fine. In my opinion, it is not loud enough – quite well heard when turning up the recording volume to 100%, but in some situations it would be more useful. At around 100%, you can hear minimal background noise.
    However, I recommend it anyway when looking for some first more serious microphone.

    A decent condenser microphone. Tested on both vocals and instruments (ukulele and guitar). Solid equipment for little money is a feature of Superlux products. For those who respect and care for their property. It will pay off with many years of work. I also have Superlux HD681B headphones and they serve me perfectly.

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Philips, DVT1110 latency value

Dictaphone Philips DVT1110 like any other digital audio recorder may experience latency problems in some conditions. If you wish to know what is latency in audio and how to avoid it - please check this article about latency

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