Philips, DPM6700



Dictaphone, Built-in Microphone, MP3, PCM, DSS Microphone: Built-in Microphone Weight: 117 g

Philips, DPM6700 properties

Product name DPM6700
Type Dictaphone
USB Input 1
Colour Silver
Power Supply Battery
Battery Format Li-Ion
Microphone Built-in Microphone
Amount of Microphones 2
Recording Format DSS, MP3, PCM
Weight 117.0 g

Additional information

Product name

Product type

USB Input


Power Supply

Battery Format


Amount of Microphones

Recording Format

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1 review for Philips, DPM6700

  1. Dudley Cooke

    A very good microphone for vocal and instrumental recordings. Low price in relation to quality. It works great in my home studio. I am pleased because it is one of the best microphones I have used in this price range. greetings

    When I’m a bit too close to the microphone, it won’t record “P” and “B” sounds. It breaks them off. I understand they are putting too much pressure on him and I should just keep on sitting. The quality is great! Clean recordings (apart from the slight hum of my pad), clear bass boost, great for speaking. Value for money purchase.

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Philips, DPM6700 latency value

Dictaphone Philips DPM6700 like any other digital audio recorder may experience latency problems in some conditions. If you wish to know what is latency in audio and how to avoid it - please check this article about latency

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