Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF


Get ready to take your productions to the next level with the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF camcorder, the perfect choice for cinematic and documentary filmmaking.


The Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF Camcorder is an excellent option for those looking for a versatile camera with 4K resolution. This camera provides superior image details and its interchangeable EF lens mount offers a great choice when it comes to different lenses. The camera offers 12 stops of dynamic range and is ideal for filmmakers, videographers, and other professionals in the field.

The URSA Mini 4K EF includes Blackmagic’s super 35 image sensor, which provides exceptional clarity and low-light performance. The camera offers 800 ISO, allowing for better quality in dim light with less noise. The URSA Mini 4K EF camcorder offers dual CFast 2.0 slots that deliver a transfer rate of up to 350 MB/s, ensuring that the footage you shoot won’t experience buffering.

Moreover, this camcorder records in Cinema DNG, which is a high-quality video format, ideal for color correction and editing. The camera also features a 12-bit RAW option that provides greater flexibility when it comes to color grading. The camera’s display screen can be rotated and viewed from different angles to get the right shots.

Furthermore, the URSA Mini 4K EF camcorder has a built-in black and white viewing mode, which captures rich detail in your shots. It also supports a range of frame rates, including cinematic 24 fps, allowing for slow-motion effect. In addition, the camera has an Expandable Dynamic Range option, which pushes the ISO up to 1600, without introducing any forced color or excessive noise.

The URSA Mini 4K EF camcorder is also lightweight, making it an excellent option for handheld or mounted shooting. The camera’s design features a magnesium alloy body, making it sturdy and durable. It also features a comfortable grip and a well-positioned viewfinder, making it easy to operate.

In conclusion, the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF camcorder is an excellent camera option for anyone looking for a versatile and high-quality video camera. The camera is packed with excellent features and options that are sure to meet the requirements of even the most demanding professional. So, if you’re looking for a quality camera, the URSA Mini 4K EF camcorder should be an option to consider.

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF properties

Product name URSA Mini 4K EF
Brand Blackmagic Design
Features Remote Control
Connections Headphone Jack, USB 2.0, XLR in
Max Video Resolution 2160p (4K)
Max Frames per second (FPS) 60 fps
Video Resolutions 4000×2160, 3840×2160, 1920×1080
Display Size 5.0 inches
Display Yes
Touchscreen Yes
Sound Mono
Sensor CMOS
Height 193.0 mm
Width 210.0 mm
Depth 147.0 mm
Weight 2300 g
Other Memory cards CFast 2.0

Additional information

Product name




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Max Video Resolution

Max Frames per second -FPS

Video Resolutions

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Display Size









Other Memory cards

2 reviews for Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF

  1. Rico Lanka

    Very good value in a very good price, I use this lens with a DSLR. The image quality is good but not as good a quality as others like Tamron 8-20, but it has all the features you expect from a lens of this quality and value. A lot of this lens is optical only and is not a focus lens, but the image quality is still good.

    I will probably buy another one for my new camera to try. I have only one problem with this lens. It is not as strong as other cheap glass that you may purchase that are of similar quality but are less expensive.

    This particular lens has the same glass used in many of the cheap primes that you may purchase to focus and zoom. I am not an expert on glass and use many different lenses but this one is not sharp enough for my specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I properly adjust the focus and exposure on my Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF camera using the electronic focus and iris controls?

Adjusting Focus and Exposure with Electronic Controls on URSA Mini 4K EF Camera

The Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF camera features electronic focus (EF) and iris (FIR) control capabilities, enabling you to adjust these settings using the camera's interface or external controllers. In this instruction, we will provide detailed steps for adjusting focus and exposure via electronic controls:

1. Connect an External Controller (Optional)

To use an external controller like a joystick or wheel to adjust your lens focus or iris settings, connect it to the camera's USB-C port using a compatible cable. The URSA Mini 4K EF supports USB Type-C Power Delivery for powering and communicating with controllers simultaneously. Enable Electronic Control

Make sure that electronic control is enabled in the camera settings menu. This option is located under the Lens tab, where you can also configure other lens parameters like the gearing type or focus distance units. Adjusting Focus Using EF Controls

To adjust focus using the URSA Mini 4K EF's electronic focus (EF) controls, follow these steps:

a. Use the Touchscreen Display

The camera's touchscreen display provides an on-set focusing aid that displays a zoomed-in view of your subject, allowing you to achieve precise focus adjustments. To use this feature, tap and hold any location on the screen during filming; the camera will switch to full-frame zoom mode. You can move the zoom box around the frame using your finger or use the joystick connected via USB-C for more accurate control. Use External Controllers

If you're using an external controller like a joystick, press the dedicated EF button on the camera's interface to enter manual focus mode. From here, you can adjust your lens focus by moving the joystick or wheel connected via USB-C. The camera displays a small focus indicator on the touchscreen that shows when you've achieved critical focus. Adjusting Exposure Using FIR Controls

To adjust exposure using the URSA Mini 4K EF's electronic iris (FIR) controls, follow these steps:

a. Use External Controllers

If you're using an external controller like a joystick or wheel to adjust your lens's iris settings, press the dedicated FIR button on the camera's interface to enter manual iris mode. From here, move the connected joystick or wheel to adjust your lens's iris settings. The camera displays a small histogram and waveform monitor that shows when you have achieved the desired exposure levels. Use Camera Interface

Alternatively, if you're not using an external controller, use the camera interface to manually set your lens's iris settings by pressing the dedicated FIR button. From here, turn the focus dial on the side of the camera or press the dedicated FIR button again to adjust the aperture values. The camera displays a small histogram and waveform monitor that shows when you have achieved the desired exposure levels. By following these steps, you can easily adjust your lens's focus and iris settings using electronic control with your URSA Mini 4K EF camera. This feature allows for precise and accurate focusing and exposure adjustments, making it easier to capture high-quality footage in any shooting environment.

"How do I properly calibrate the lens on my Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF camera for optimal image quality?"

First, ensure that your camera and lens are clean and free from dust or debris. This is important as any dirt or grime can affect the accuracy of the calibration process. Insert the lens into the camera's mount and securely tighten it in place. Make sure the lens is properly aligned with the sensor, and that there is no play or wiggle when you push and pull on it. Power on your URSA Mini 4K EF and navigate to the Camera Settings menu. From here, select the "Lens" tab. Choose the "Calibrate Lens" option and follow the on-screen instructions. This may involve focusing the lens manually at different distances and measuring the results using a chart or target. Take care to follow the calibration procedure carefully, as any errors or inaccuracies can result in poor image quality or focus issues. It's important to note that some lenses may require multiple calibration steps depending on their specific design and capabilities. Once you have completed the calibration process, make sure to save your settings and test the lens thoroughly to ensure optimal performance. If you encounter any issues or difficulties during the calibration process, consult the manufacturer's documentation or reach out to Blackmagic Design customer support for further assistance.

"How do I properly connect and use a third-party lens with the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF camera?"

To connect and use a third-party lens with the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF camera, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your third-party lens is compatible with Canon EF mount cameras. Many popular brands like Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, and Rokinon produce lenses specifically designed for EF mount cameras. Make sure that the lens has an electrical connection (EF-S or EF-M) to communicate with the camera's body. This is important because it allows you to control functions like aperture, focus, and zoom from the camera body itself instead of having to manually adjust them on the lens. Mount the third-party lens onto the camera's EF mount bayonet. Ensure that the lens is properly secured in place by turning the mount until you hear a click. Turn on your URSA Mini 4K EF and go to the camera menu. Select "Mounted Lens" and choose the corresponding third-party lens from the list displayed. If your lens does not appear, consult its user manual for further instructions on how to enable electrical communication with your specific model. Use the camera's focus ring, aperture control ring (if available), or a compatible focus motor to adjust focus and depth of field. If you have an autofocus-enabled lens, set it up in the camera menu under "Autofocus" mode. If your third-party lens does not have image stabilization built into its design, enable the URSA Mini 4K EF's in-body stabilization feature to help counteract any unwanted shakes or vibrations during filming. Once you have connected and configured your third-party lens, test it out by shooting some footage and reviewing it on the camera's LCD display or an external monitor for quality assurance. Remember that while Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF cameras are compatible with most Canon EF mount lenses, some third-party lenses may require additional steps to configure electrical communication between the lens and camera body. Always consult your lens's user manual for more detailed information regarding compatibility and setup instructions.

"How do I properly calibrate the lens on my Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF camera for optimal image quality?"

First, ensure that your camera is powered on and that you have the correct lens attached. Navigate to the setup menu by pressing the "Setup" button on the rear of the camera. Select "Lens" from the list of options. Choose "Auto Calibration" from the available options. This will automatically detect your lens and calibrate it for optimal performance. If you prefer to manually calibrate your lens, select "Manual Calibration". You will be prompted to enter various parameters related to your lens, such as focal length, aperture, and focus distance. Be sure to input these values accurately for the best results. Once calibration is complete, perform a few test shots to confirm that the image quality has improved. If necessary, you can repeat the calibration process if you notice any issues with distortion, focus accuracy, or other lens-related factors. Always remember to store your calibration data after completing the calibration process. This will ensure that your camera remembers the correct settings for your specific lens and allows you to bypass the calibration process in future sessions. When working with multiple lenses on your Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4K EF camera, be sure to re-calibrate each lens separately to ensure optimal performance for all of your shooting scenarios.

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