Canon Legria GX10


Capture your precious memories in stunning 4K with the Canon Legria GX10 camcorder, and never miss a moment!


The Canon Legria GX10 is a powerful and versatile camcorder that is designed for videographers and filmmakers. It boasts a range of impressive features that make it stand out from the competition, including 4K video recording, advanced image stabilization, and a large, high-quality sensor.

At the heart of the Canon Legria GX10 is a 1-inch CMOS sensor, which is larger than the sensors found in many other consumer-level camcorders. This allows the GX10 to capture more light and produce higher-quality images and videos, even in low light conditions. It also has a powerful DIGIC DV 6 image processor, which helps to reduce noise and produce smoother, more natural-looking footage.

One of the standout features of the Canon Legria GX10 is its ability to shoot in 4K resolution. This allows you to capture footage with incredible detail and clarity, making it an ideal choice for filmmakers and content creators. It also supports slow-motion recording, allowing you to capture smoother and more dramatic footage at up to 120fps in Full HD.

The Canon Legria GX10 also features advanced image stabilization technology, which helps to reduce camera shake and produce smoother, more stable footage. The 5-axis image stabilization system can compensate for movement in five different directions, making it ideal for handheld shooting and tracking shots. Additionally, the detachable handle includes an XLR audio input for high-quality sound recording.

Other useful features of the Canon Legria GX10 include the ability to shoot in dual pixel autofocus mode, which uses advanced autofocus technology to track the subject and maintain focus, even during fast-moving action sequences. It also has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, which allows you to easily transfer files and control the camera remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

Overall, the Canon Legria GX10 is a powerful and versatile camcorder that is perfect for videographers and filmmakers who demand high-quality footage and advanced features. Its 4K video recording, advanced image stabilization, and large sensor make it an excellent choice for any production.

2160p (4K) Wi-Fi Touch screen

Canon Legria GX10 properties

Product name Legria GX10
Max Video Resolution 2160p (4K)
Max Frames per second (FPS) 120 fps
Video Resolutions 3840×2160, 1920×1080, 1280×720, 720×576
Recordable Files MP4, MPEG-4, AVC, H.264, AAC-LC
Type Action camera
Remote Control Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Headphone Jack Yes
SD Yes
Viewfinder Yes
Display Yes
Display Size 3.5 “
Touch screen Yes
Battery Type Li-Ion
Sound Mono, Stereo
Digital Zoom 300 x
Optical Zoom 15 x
Filter Size 58.0 mm
Focal Length (Wide-Tele) 8.3-124.5 mm
Focal Length (35mm equiv) 25.5-382.5 mm
Aperture (Wide-tele) 2.8-4.5
Manual Focus Yes
Night Shot Yes
Image Stabilization Yes
Image Stabilization Type Optical
Sensor CMOS
Sensor Megapixels 13.4 MP
Weight 1140 g

Additional information

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Max Frames per second -FPS

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Recordable Files

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Remote Control



Headphone Jack

SD Type

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Night Shot

Image Stabilization

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Sensor Megapixels


2 reviews for Canon Legria GX10

  1. Bingo

    The camera is not for amateur. Excellent sharpness, slow-motion recording in Full HD quality, wide dynamic range (Wide DR), everything is great, but it is not equipment that you will pick up and create a great movie. You need to spend some time on the settings.

  2. Waylon

    It’s great to hear that Canon Legria GX10 is worth investing in despite its higher price point due to its superior quality and features. As someone who frequently uses Camcorders for work and personal purposes, I can attest to the importance of these factors in making a purchasing decision. Could you please provide some more information about the camera’s low-light performance and any additional accessories that would be beneficial to have? Also, do you have any suggestions for editing software that would work well with this Camcorder?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the maximum recording time for each of the two built-in SD cards in the Canon Legria GX10?

The maximum recording time for each of the two built-in SD cards in the Canon Legria GX10 varies depending on the recording format and file size.

Can I use an external hard drive as a backup for my video files while shooting with the Canon Legria GX10?

What are some basic tips for adjusting camera settings on my Canon LEGRIA GX10 camcorder?

The Canon LEGRIA GX10 is a great camcorder for capturing high-quality video, but it does require you to understand the basics of camera settings in order to get the best possible results. Here are some basic tips for adjusting camera settings on your Canon LEGRIA GX10 camcord:

1. Adjust the Zoom Level:** You can change the zoom level using the lever on the right side of the camera or by pressing the zoom button and rotating the zoom ring on the lens. For wider shots, use the wide-angle setting (16x) and for closer shots use the telephoto setting (400x). Change Shooting Modes:** The Canon LEGRIA GX10 offers various shooting modes such as Auto, Manual, Smart Auto, and Movie Digest. The Auto mode is ideal for beginners or casual users who want to capture videos with minimal effort. The Manual mode allows you to adjust the camera settings manually and gives you more control over the final output. Adjust Exposure:** To adjust exposure, you can use the Exposure Compensation function which allows you to increase or decrease the brightness of your video. You can access this feature by pressing the "Func. Exposure Compensation". Change Focus Modes:** The Canon LEGRIA GX10 has three focus modes: Continuous AF, Face Detection AF, and Manual Focus. Use Continuous AF for videos where you need to constantly adjust focus, Face Detection AF for videos with people in them, and Manual Focus for situations where you want complete control over the focus. Set White Balance:** To set white balance, press the "Func. White Balance". You can choose from various preset options such as Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, etc. Manual" and using the white balance tool. Adjust Audio Levels:** To adjust audio levels, press the "Func. Audio Level". You can increase or decrease the volume of your video using this feature. Change Image Stabilization Mode:** The Canon LEGRIA GX10 has three image stabilization modes: Dynamic IS, Powered IS, and Macro IS. Use Dynamic IS for fast-moving shots, Powered IS for steady shots, and Macro IS for close-up shots. Adjust Recording Quality:** The Canon LEGRIA GX10 allows you to adjust the recording quality by selecting different resolutions, frame rates, and bitrates. For high-quality videos, choose Full HD (1920x1080) at 60fps with a high bitrate of around 50Mbps. Remember, practice makes perfect! Experiment with these settings to find the best combination for your specific needs and shooting situations.

How do I change the recording resolution on my Canon Legria GX10 camcorder?

To change the recording resolution on your Canon Legria GX10 camcorder, you'll need to access the camera's settings menu. Here are the steps to follow:
1. Turn on your Canon Legria GX10 camcorder and make sure it is set to record mode. Press the "Menu" button located on the back of the camera. This will bring up the main menu screen. Use the directional buttons on the back of the camera to navigate through the menus until you find the "Recording Size/Quality" or similar option. The exact name may vary depending on your camera's firmware version. Press the "OK" button to select this option. A sub-menu should appear with various recording size and quality options. Use the directional buttons to navigate through the available options and select the resolution you want to use for your recordings. Some common options include 1080p, 720p, and VGA. Once you have selected the desired resolution, press the "OK" button again to save your changes. Your camcorder should now be set to record in the new resolution.

How do I connect my Canon Legria GX10 to Wi-Fi for remote viewing and uploading of footage?

To connect your Canon Legria GX10 to Wi-Fi for remote viewing and uploading of footage, follow these steps:

1. Turn on the camera and ensure that it is fully charged or has fresh batteries. Press the "SET" button on the back of the camera to open the menu. Use the directional buttons to navigate to the "Wi-Fi Settings" option, then press the "SEL" button. Select "Wireless Connect Settings," then press "SEL. Choose your preferred connection method: Easy Mode or Manual Connection. For this guide, we'll be using Easy Mode. The camera will search for available Wi-Fi networks. Select the network you want to connect to by pressing the "SEL" button next to its name. Enter the password for your selected Wi-Fi network using the directional buttons and pressing "SEL" after each character. Once connected, the camera will display a confirmation message. Press "YES" to proceed. To view footage remotely, download the Canon Camera Connect app on your smartphone or tablet. Follow the instructions within the app to connect to your Legria GX10 via Wi-Fi. To upload footage, use a FTP program on your computer to connect to your camera's FTP server. The camera will provide you with the necessary settings during Easy Mode setup. You can now view and download footage from your Legria GX10 using the app or FTP program.

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