Nikon D750



Digital SLR, CMOS, 30-1/4000, 24.3 MP, Wi-Fi, 750g

Nikon D750 properties

Product name D750
Type Digital SLR
Lens Body only
Compatible lenses Nikon F
Aperture (Lens data) By Lens
Focal Length By Lens
Memory Cards SDHC, SDXC
Features Wi-Fi
Viewfinder LCD/OLED
Shutter Speed 30-1/4000 bps
Auto Focus Yes
AF points 51
Image Stabilization No
Manual Focus Yes
Digital Zoom 1.0 x
Max Picture Resolution 6016×4016 pixels
Image File Format DCF, DPOF, EXIF, JPEG, RAW
Flash Built-in
Flash Sync Speed 1/200 sec
Battery Type Lithium ion rechargeable
Display Size 3.2 “
Display Resolution 1229000 pixels
Max Video Resolution 1920×1080 (Full HD)
Video resolutions (fps) 1920×1080, 1280×720
Video File Format MOV
Audio File Format PCM
Sensor Type CMOS
Effective Pixels 24.3 MP
Total Pixels 24.93 MP
ISO Rating 100/200/400/800/1600/3200/6400/12800
Weight 750.0 g
Dimensions (HxWxD) 113×140.5×78 mm
Miscellaneous PictBridge supported

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Product name

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Compatible lenses

Aperture -Lens data

Focal Length



Memory Cards




Shutter Speed

Auto Focus

AF points

Image Stabilization

Manual Focus

Digital Zoom

Max Picture Resolution

Image File Format

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Flash Sync Speed

Battery Type

Display Size

Display Resolution

Max Video Resolution

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Video File Format

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Effective Pixels

Total Pixels

ISO Rating


Dimensions -HxWxD


3 reviews for Nikon D750

  1. Barry Johnes

    Despite two service actions and a free buffer, I decided to buy the D750 because:
    – it has a very good grip – I compared it with the D810 and the D750 is better in the hand, but it still requires the purchase of a grip, because when using the camera with heavy glasses the body is less well balanced
    – has usable ISO 6400 that does not lose quality (RAW processing)

    I use the camera for sports photos, for which it is completely unsuitable, due to the clogging buffer (I take pictures in RAW (14bit)).
    I bought it because I needed to switch to FX and the price is very attractive 🙂

  2. mnAD

    I have a camera quite briefly and I am already delighted with it. Light, handy, perfectly lying in the hand. Rapid AF, sensational ISO, very flexible, almost rubber RAW. I read about a small buffer, but I got 17 RAW results to fast the buffer with fast Kingston cards. I don’t need more, but of course it may not be enough for someone else. On the D750 I switched to the D700, so I have to get used to the new keyboardology, but this is not a problem, it’s a matter of getting used to a different type of service.
    To sum up, I think I made a very good purchase.

  3. Reaw Fut

    A bit too big and too heavy. This is the first thing that catches the eye compared to the predecessor P900. I have it too short to say whether it is worth paying twice as much for almost the same.

    Clear advantages: the viewfinder – a revelation compared to its predecessor !! Manual sharpening with the ring on the lens – great thing – in the P900 it was a massacre. But a big plus, because in low light conditions and at long focal lengths the autofocus does not always work. Apart from RAW and 4K, the P900 seems to be more functional due to its smaller dimensions and comparable performance. But this camera isn’t about functionality – it’s about zoom – and in this area the P1000 is unbeatable ..

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