Sony Alpha 7R III



Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras, CMOS, Full frame (35mm), 30-1/8000, 42.4 MP, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, 657g

Sony Alpha 7R III properties

Product name Alpha 7R III
Type Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras
Lens Body only
Compatible lenses Sony E
Memory Cards MS Duo, MS Micro/M2, SD, SDHC, SDXC, microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
Features Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi
Viewfinder Electronic (EVF), LCD/OLED
Shutter Speed 30-1/8000 bps
Continuous Drive 10fps, 8fps, 6fps, 3fps
Auto Focus Yes
AF points 399
Image Stabilization Yes
Manual Focus Yes
Max Picture Resolution 7952×5304 pixels
Image File Format DCF, EXIF, JPEG, RAW
Flash External
Flash Sync Speed 1/250 sec
Display Size 3.0 “
Display Resolution 1440000 pixels
Max Video Resolution 3840×2160 (4K)
Video resolutions (fps) 3840×2160, 1920×1080
Video File Format AVCHD, MPEG4
Audio File Format PCM
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Format Full frame (35mm)
Effective Pixels 42.4 MP
Total Pixels 43.6 MP
ISO Rating 100/200/400/800/1600/3200/6400/12800/25600/32000
Weight 657.0 g
Dimensions (HxWxD) 96x127x74 mm

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1 review for Sony Alpha 7R III

  1. Rich

    I’ve been in amateur photography for a long time … and I started with “picking up” Zenith TTL’s father …
    I went through the first publicly available compacts from 2006-2009 to the “mirror” APS-C from 2013 … in the Nikon system ….

    I currently have:
    – smartphone (like everyone in your pocket …)
    – 1 ” RX100v inch
    – APS-C Nikon D7200 (with lens f2.8)
    – recently Sony A7RIII …

    I will tell those interested:

    Sony AR7III brings photography to a completely different level … (1 inch / APS-C)
    you can read the rest in reviews of this equipment that is everywhere …
    The fact is that this camera is a market phenomenon by which Canon, Nikon, Panasonic “can’t sleep at night …”

    I would compare the use of A7RIII to the automotive sphere,

    – photographing with a smartphone – it’s like taking a bus … it will bring you to your destination, but it will stop …
    – taking pictures with a 1-inch – it’s like you were driving a city car … it is important that it does not stop …
    – APS-C photography – it’s like driving a VW Golf … you drive comfortably, efficiently and quickly … but when you stop at the traffic lights you see extra Audi …
    – photographing the A7RIII – it’s like driving this extra Audi – incredibly fast, packed with the latest news, just equipment without compromise … which simply has to cost.

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How to setup shutter speed in Sony Alpha 7R III?

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