Olympus, VP-10



Dictaphone, Built-in Microphone, MP3, WMA, PCM Microphone: Built-in Microphone Weight: 37.5 g

Olympus, VP-10 properties

Product name VP-10
Type Dictaphone
Colour Black
Power Supply Battery
Battery Format AAA, NiMH
Battery Amount 1
Microphone Built-in Microphone
Recording Format MP3, PCM, WMA
Height 17.0 mm
Depth 17.0 mm
Width 130.0 mm
Weight 37.5 g

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  1. !nooo

    + In general, the functionality and quality of recording that has been packed into such a small device is quite impressive despite the disadvantages below.
    + Charging the AAA battery by connecting the recorder to a computer or a network adapter with a USB connector. It does not need to be removed and put in an external charger.
    + The AAA battery is included in the set, looks like Eneloop with the Olympus logo (and probably it is).
    + VCVA mode (voice activated recording) works very well, it cuts off only about 20 ms from the beginning.
    + The USB connector cover and battery cover are attached to special rubber parts after removal, so they cannot be lost.
    + Very large configuration options: switching off sounds, recording diode, setting the level of voice recording activation.
    + High sensitivity microphones.
    + The built-in speaker is quite good, the voice is understandable.
    + Signal level meter recorded by microphones – a very useful thing, because you can immediately see if the recording will sometimes be too quiet or distorted without the need to connect headphones.
    + The voice recorder has a real-time clock built-in and each recording is marked with the date and time the recording began. You can choose to listen to the recording for a specific day.

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Olympus, VP-10 latency value

Dictaphone Olympus VP-10 like any other digital audio recorder may experience latency problems in some conditions. If you wish to know what is latency in audio and how to avoid it - please check this article about latency

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